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Ascolite BSS-Mk8


Our handy semi-automatic button shank wrapping machine for smaller and medium production volumes. Mehr...


Original Ascolite® TF yarn
For button securing – valued and
proven worldwide, since 1990

The Ascolite® high elasticity TF yarn is made in Switzerland and Germany.
Convenient for all kind of garments. More...

Ascolite BSS-Mk13


Our automatic button shank wrapping machine, with high speed and economical yarn consumption, for every type of buttons, for medium and big production volumes. Mehr...

Ascolite® SF Super-Flex yarn
540 % elasticity for the slimmest shank

Our Ascolite® SF Super-Flex Swiss made yarn offers the highest
elasticity in the market. Assuring slimmer appearance and more..

Ascolite® Button Shank Regulator Clamp

Attaching any type of sewn button requires the correct minimum gap between the button
and the fabric to enable a clean and tight button shank wrapping, for 3 reasons: More...