Leaflets Downloads

Ascolite BSS-Model 15 EcoSpeed Twinhead

The fully automatic button wrapping with high performance for medium and large production.

Asco-TwinHead-EN-23.pdf (674.4 KiB)

Ascolite BSS-Model 15 EcoSpeed

The fully automatic buttons wrapping machine with high performance for medium and large production.

Asco-Model-15-EN-v6.pdf (467.3 KiB)

Ascolite BSS-Model 13

Our automatic button shank wrapping machine, with high speed and economical yarn consumption, for every type of buttons, for medium and big production volumes

Asco-Model-13-EN-v6.pdf (576.0 KiB)

Ascolite BSS-Modell 8

Our handy semi-automatic button shank wrapping machine for smaller and medium production volumes.

Asco-Model-8-EN-v6.pdf (573.8 KiB)

Oekotex 2022 / 2023

21.HCH.70485-en.pdf (1.7 MiB)

Original Ascolite® TF yarn For button securing – valued and proven worldwide, since 1990

The Ascolite® high elasticity TF yarn is made in Switzerland and Germany. Convenient for all kind of garments.

Asco-TF-Yarn-EN-v6.pdf (436.9 KiB)

Ascolite® Button Shank Regulator Clamp

Attaching any type of sewn button requires the correct minimum gap between the button and the fabric to enable a clean and tight button shank wrapping, for 3 reasons:

Asco-Clamp-EN-v6.pdf (479.6 KiB)

Super-Flex Original Ascolite Yarn

Ascolite® SF Super-Flex-Garn Swiss made yarn offers the highest elasticity in the global market. Assuring slimmer appearance and more buttons wrapped per cone, ideal for shirts and blouses.


Asco-Superflex-EN-v6.pdf (271.2 KiB)