BSS-15 Twin


Our new twin-head automatic button-shank wrapping machine works with “EcoSpeed”, twice as efficiently as the - already very much faster - single head version, overall 2 x faster than all former machines! And this with at least 30 % of TF-yarn savings.

This revolutionary speedy “TwinHead” version of BSS-15 wraps around and secures 2 buttons simultaneously in only 0.5 seconds! This means 50 % working time reduction. Including handling, it wraps a shirt with 13 buttons in 15 seconds, a jacket in 3 seconds. This is the new benchmark.

Suitable for any kind of buttons except eyelet buttons. It works with high speed and constant precision, covering the full length of the button shank.

Important: A perfectly slim and durable shank is achieved because the button is pushed inside the machine, giving enough space for the wrapping. Unlike a “revolver” self-fed mechanism where the buttons are pulled outwards, leaving no space for even yarn distribution.

Its economical yarn consumption and electronically controlled operation make this model ideal for large-scale productions and especially for shirt production.

Functional description:

With its 2 wrapping heads, which are as near as 5 cm next to each other, the BSS-TwinHead ​​simultaneously secures 2 buttons in 0.5 seconds. The operator can introduce 2 buttons into the machine at a time provided the buttons have 5 cm or more distance to each other, which is the case for all buttons in a line. It also allows you to use 2 different yarn colors or different number of wraps at the same time which can be useful for special design features. The two wrapping heads can be linked up or used independently.

In addition it has of course all the same advantages as its base model BSS-15 EcoSpeed:

It performs all the operations automatically that BSS-8 does manually. The wrapped button handle is then heat-sealed all around. The end threads are automatically cut off and ejected. The novelty winding head and the new cutting mechanism, both patented, the all-round heat sealing, together with the clamping force of our elastic thermo-setting yarn, guarantee highest possible button security.

The built-in thread tension is appreciated especially in shirt production and allows a slim, tight button handle. You can save and recall individual parameters (number of wrappings, fixation time, delay, temperature) in each of the 3 programs. The soft-touch display is colorful and user-friendly. All languages ​​for the operator texts can be programmed, currently we have 23 languages programmed.

Performance: 3800 Buttons per hour
Yarn consumption: up to 11000 Buttons per cone
Voltage: 110/250V single phase
Special features: 2 whipping heads
working linked or independently
new heating fork
rear Tension device
Adjustment range: 10-99 wraps
Weight: 19.5 kg
Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 43 cm
Button types: all sewn flat buttons except shank buttons
Garment types: Shirts, jackets, coats, workwear, sportswear, etc.