Compact and fast, the new BSS-13 II, is the world’s first button shank wrapping machine equipped with a “Yarn Monitor Switch”.

This fully automatic fast and thread-saving button shank wrapping and bonding machine is highly suitable for bigger productions.


The BSS-13 II wraps and secures any type of sewn button at high speed and with constant precision. The 360° bonding from all sides guarantees highest possible button security. The economical consumption of TF-Yarn and the electronically controlled process make BSS-13 II ideally suited for all large volume producers. BSS 13-II has 3 presetable programs which allow fast switching between different button shank types, including special settings for very long shanks and blazer type shank buttons. With its new integrated thread tensioner, you always get tight and slim shanks.

Productivity: 1800 buttons/hour including handling
Thread consumption: 7700 Buttons per cone
Electricity supply: 110/250V single phase
Features: 3 programs
heatsealing all around the shank
automatic threading
Cycles: up to 99 wraps
Weight: 14 kgs
Dimensions: 52 x 44 x 43 cm
Button styles: any sewn on button including shank buttons and extra long shanks.
Garments: Jackets, blazers, coats, leather jackets, shirts including cuff links, blouses, trousers, ladieswear, a.m.m