Ascolite® Regulator Button Clamp


Attaching any type of sewn button requires a minimum gap between the button and the fabric, for 3 reasons:
1. The gap makes buttoning up and unbuttoning easier;
2. The gap allows the buttonhole to close well under the button;
3. The gap lets enough space for button shank wrapping with Ascolite® TF yarn, to get a slim, safe and clean Ascolite® button shank.

As a minimum gap, we recommend for a jacket and trouser buttons 3 - 4 mm, for shirts: 2.5 - 3.0 mm.
Our patented clamp “Ascolite® Button Shank Regulator " makes it very easy to adjust the required gap between the attached button and the fabric because of the clamp:
• fits on most standard button sewing machines
• is suitable for all 2, 3 and 4-hole buttons
• is easy to adjust the height continuously stepless
• it guarantees consistent results.

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