Ascolite® NiXis

Hem Security for Trousers - Jackets - Skirt - etc

  • Nixis is heat-sealing multifilament Polyamide Thread offering added quality value in all kinds of garments. It can be used in a wide variety of sewing applications such as invisible seam stitches, overlock or serging seams, pleats, badges, collars, etc. Simply combine one of your existing threads with Nixis.


  • Nixis thread is double covered with Swiss made transparent fusible compounds which melt by steam or normal hot iron. It provides its excellent sewability and good resistance, by sealing all stitches. Even broken invisible seam stitches and overlock stitches will be sealed.


  • Nixis can be used temporarily only and removed afterwards, or it can be kept in the seams to reinforce it permanently.

Heat-Sealed Security for Trousers - Jackets - Skirts - Badgets - Collars - etc