The button-loss problem: Button loss is a major source of annoyance

A consumer survey commissioned by Ascolite with GfK has confirmed something we already know: for the general public, buttons that fall off their clothes are one of life's everyday hassles.

The survey, carried out by market research institute GfK Nuremberg in November 2005, involved some 2000 individuals in Germany and its findings were published in January 2006. These present a clear picture: buttons that fall off clothing and are lost remain an irritation for most people, with 83.7% of respondents saying it made them annoyed or even very annoyed.

Consumers are particularly disgruntled when it happens with new clothes, and 30% said that buttons often fall off new shirts and blouses.

The results of the survey were very revealing as regards consumer reactions. A mere 14.8% said they complained about sub-standard products to the seller, in other words asked for a replacement, another product or their money back. Just how deep and widespread frustration is among consumers is something we can only guess at. The answers to the question "Would you be prepared to pay extra (on top of the normal purchase price for a new garment) for the guarantee that buttons would no longer fall off?" were particularly interesting. An impressive 64.1% indicated that they would be more than happy to pay a slightly higher price.

Why do so many buttons still fall off?

  • The seam of the button attachment is the most stressed part of a garment
  • Most sewing machines are still not able to attach buttons securely for the lifetime of the garment.
  • To achieve optimum fastening, the operator has to check machine adjustments regularly, whichcannot always be guaranteed in this fast-paced industry.
  • Normal sewing filament is not designed for button shank wrapping and knotting, and istherefore liable to come loose with the result that the buttons will at some time fall off.
  • Button shank sewing does not increase the security of the shank, leaves ugly tails and is likely to loosen and fall off.

Unsecured buttons however are not the only lack of quality:

  • A thread nest on the back side that scratches the skin.
  • Hanging buttons on loose thread.
  • Tightly sewn on buttons that hardly pass through the button hole.
  • Front plackets with bulging buttonholes.
  • The thread around the button shank looks messy and any cleaning attempt will end up in having no shank at all.

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