Ascolite® TF Thermo-Fusible

The colours printed above are not 100 % matching our original colour card.

Ascolite® TF-Yarn has been specially developed for button shank wrapping. TF-yarn has the following advantages compared to normal sewing yarn:

Elastic core

The elastic core of the yarn allows such a tight wrapping under Tension, that the main sewing threads are clamped together and cannot get loose again.

Thermo-fusible outer layer:

The thermo-fusible layer bonds the wrapping threads together and does not leave loose ends.



Ascolite® TF yarn has been tested several times by internationally recognized institutes (Hohenstein Institut, SGS, Underwriters Laboratories, etc.) and is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, REACH Standards and  M&S-Quality standards.

Ascolite® is ecologically safe; free from toxic substances, resisting to light, ironing, rubbing and washing proof up to at least 60 ° C as well as resistant to chemical cleaning, even surviving tunnel finisher up to 140 ° C.

Ascolite® stands for the finest quality of button shank wrapping. A button secured with Ascolite® TF or SF remains tight and impeccable even after years of wearing and washing. Unsolvable thanks to heat-setting.

Strong thermo-fusible layer

  • Bonds the wrapped TF-Yarn together
  • Eliminates loose ends and tails
  • Prevents button loss for the lifetime of the garment

Coloured component

  • Washing and dry cleaning proof certified
  • 64 colors

Flexible Elasthane core

  • 250 meters per cone
  • Up to 450 % elasticity
  • Resistant to washing fatigue
  • High gripping force
  • High tenacity and tensile strength
  • Wraps up to 9000 buttons
  • Spooled on FSC certified & recycled paper cones

Certified according to

  • Oekotex Class I for baby wear
  • REACH, SVHC, AZO-free etc.